MumApp - Maternal Health Support For Women

Personalized Support and Wellness for Every Stage of Women's Life

MumApp is a supportive information resource designed to enhance the quality of life and postpartum recovery for mothers who have experienced difficult childbirths or complications and require ongoing monitoring and periodic visits to address their needs. Additionally, this system, accessible through the mumapp application, offers online consultations and visits for women throughout various life stages, including adolescence, marriage, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

Background and Context

mumapp was first developed in Iran with the goal of providing comprehensive support for mothers who have experienced adverse outcomes due to pregnancy and childbirth. It was initiated by Dr. Sadegheh Abdolhapour and brought to fruition by East Health Knowledgeable Supporters Company. Dr. Abdolhapour, a specialist in reproductive health, is recognized as one of the leading researchers in women's health, particularly in the field of pregnancy and childbirth complications. mumapp commenced its activities in the spring of 1401 with the focus on women's health and the enhancement of their care quality.

Purpose and Objectives

The mumapp system aims to improve the quality of women's lives throughout various life stages, from childhood to adolescence, pre-marriage, marriage, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, menopause, and beyond. For mothers who have experienced adverse outcomes during pregnancy and childbirth, specialized counseling services are available.

Reservations and Consultations

One of the standout features of the mumapp system is the capability to make reservations and obtain consultations. This service allows mothers to get in touch with healthcare professionals and specialists in women's health. Based on the information provided in the application's questionnaires, a personalized level of care is assigned to mothers for consultation with physicians.

Health Magazine

The mumapp system is proactive in gathering the latest information and knowledge in the field of women's health. It offers a magazine named "mumapp" providing users with the most recent articles and content related to women's and mothers' health.

Quick Consultations

One of the invaluable features of the mumapp system is the ability to receive immediate consultations from physicians. If mothers require guidance or medical counseling at any time, they can make use of this service, which is crucial for expediting the diagnosis and treatment of medical issues.

Monitoring Maternal Health

mumapp accompanies mothers and offers counseling and guidance throughout all these crucial life stages. mumapp's physicians and specialists provide precise and individual support based on each mother's medical condition. It's crucial for every mother to receive the best medical guidance and care, ensuring a healthy and positive experience. In other words, mumapp supports mothers right up to the very last moment with guidance and assistance.

mumapp, as a vital resource for Iranian mothers and women, has successfully contributed to improving their quality of life and well-being. From counseling services to access to the latest health information through the health magazine, this system is always available to mothers.

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